Seven Words, Seven Question

Holy Week

“Seven Words, Seven Questions”, devotions for each day of Holy Week, 2021, has been made available.

The series was created, written and recorded by Rev. Dr. Allan Kramer-Moyer, a retired United Church of Christ pastor in the Penn Northeast Conference. He has graciously offered the use of the devotions to Zion’s.

Each devotion is focused on one of Christ’s seven last words on the Cross. There is a presentation of one “word” for each of the seven days of Holy Week, concluding with a question, “How does this word apply to me/us?”

Holy Week, 2021 began today (Palm Sunday, March 28) and concludes on Saturday, April 3.

Zion’s Liberty Bell Church thanks Rev. Kramer-Moyer for sharing these inspirational devotions with us.

The seven videos are below. The entire playlist can be found at

Every day, the video for that day, will also be posted on our Facebook page at


Day 1: Introduction and “Father, forgive them.”


Day 2: “Today you will be with me in Paradise”


Day 3: “Woman, behold your son”


Day 4: “My God… why have you forsaken me”


Day 5: “I thirst”


Day 6: “It is finished”


Day 7: “Into thy hands I commend my spirit”