Shalom in the City

“Seek the well-being of the city
to which I have called you,
and pray to the Lord on its behalf,
for in its well-being
is your well-being.”
Jeremiah 29:7
The phrase “well-being of the city” is only one possible translation of the Hebrew word, “shalom.” Jeremiah literally said, “seek the shalom of the city.”

Shalom is a very rich word in the Hebrew scriptures, and it is variously translated as peace, well‑being, security, health, or prosperity.
To seek the shalom of the city is to seek that which is best for all its people, because in the shalom of the city, we will find our individual shalom.

This is the text that was read when Rev. Abraham Blumer, pastor of Zion’s church, spoke to the local militia as they prepared to vote in favor of independence on May 27, 1776. And this is the text that inspires us even today at Zion’s church. In addition to our worship and ministries to our members, we partner with these organizations, each of which in its own way is seeking the well-being of the city:

Downtown Allentown Business Alliance
of the Allentown Chamber of Commerce (GLVCC)

The Lehigh Conference of Churches

The Liberty Bell Museum

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